Just like we have a First Aid Kit kept for emergency situations in-case something happens to someone in the family, its advisable to keep one for pets too. Emergencies and injuries can occur without warning, it can occur in places where your pet goes everyday such as Front yard, Back yard, from House Furniture, Car Park, Dog walking areas, Streets that we live on. Knowing what to do in the initial moments can be critical. A well stocked First Aid Kit could save your pet’s life, or comfort him until you get to a veterinarian. Please keep in mind a First Aid Kit is NOT a substitute for Veterinary Care. Planning ahead is the key to keeping your pets safe when disaster strikes.
A basic kit should include:
› Adhesive tape
› Antiseptic wipes
› Bandages
› Scissors
› Tweezers
› Antibiotic ointment
› Rectal thermometer
› Rescue blanket
› Muzzle or a strip of cloth to prevent pet biting (not to be used in-case of vomiting, breathing difficulties, choking, coughing)
› Leash
› Latex gloves
› Eye dropper or a large syringe (without needle) to flush wounds or administer fluids given by mouth
› Hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting
› Rescue Blankets
› Medicines, Drugs, Ointments as suggested by your veterinarian

** Never use any human bandages or give medicines to your pets. Always seek veterinary advice before giving medications.

Once you have the First Aid Kit, Its recommended to include the following:
› List of Emergency Phone numbers including your veterinarian, hospital emergency number, Poison Helpline
› Updated Vaccine Records
› Updated Medical Records
› Current copies of their Photographs

Dogs and cats are not just pets, They are Family. They enrich our lives everyday, in more ways than we can count. They look to us to be protected, to be cared, depend on us for their well-being. Planning ahead for unavoidable situations is the key, its best to “Be Prepared”. Make pet SAFETY a priority.

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