Emergencies can occur without warning, anytime – be it night or day. We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to know if your pets condition is an emergency. We hope your pet never gets into such situation. If you pet is suffering from any of the following, please contact us on 76 76 365 365 immediately.

› Breathing difficulties (open mouth breathing with respiratory noise)
› Choking
› Bleeding (severe / does not stop)
› Dilated Pupils
› Accidents, Trauma, Physical Injury caused by falls, car and motor hit
› Fractures, broken bones
› Paralysis or partial paralysis
› Birth difficulties, difficulty delivering pups or kittens
› Pale gums, blueish appearance
› Sudden collapse
› Inability to eat / reluctance to eat
› Foaming from the mouth
› Wounds
› Bite from other pets, strays
› Lameness
› Pain
› Swelling and inflammation, Irritation in the surrounding areas and on the eye
› Abdominal Distension (Swelling)
› Inability to defecate or urinate
› Excess or very frequent urination
› Seizures and convulsions
› Extreme scratching, itching
› Vomiting (with blood)
› Diarrhea (with blood)
› Suspected Exposure to chemicals, household disinfectants, antifreeze, toxic substances
› Suspected Exposure to poisons, rodenticides, insecticides
› Suspected ingestion of Chocolate, Plants, fruits and vegetables such as grapes, onions, apples etc.
› Suspected ingestion of human medications or overdose of medications
› Ingesting (eating) foreign objects
› Behavioral changes (sudden aggression, scared, hiding)
› Inability to walk, limping, straining to getup, loss of balance or consciousness

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