Dr Varsha



Dr. Sreevarsha KS – Clinical pathologist, Cessna Lifeline Veterinary Hospital, Domlur M.V. Sc with a specialization in Clinical Pathology Of all the feedback we receive, the efficiency of our lab stands out, thanks to the efficient team we have and Dr. Sreevarsha (Dr. Varsha as she is referred to), is a crucial member of that team who has helped develop the laboratory services we offer.

Dr. Varsha completed her B.V. Sc and PG in Clinical Pathology from Madras veterinary college, TANUVAS. She started working as a vet with Cessna Lifeline in 2015 while also working as a consultant pathologist with VHC Lab, Chennai. Since 2017, she is working full time as a clinical pathologist with Cessna Lifeline. Her areas of interest are Clinical pathology, hematology, transfusion medicine, immunology and clinical oncology. She hopes to advance her learnings in the fields of transfusion and hematology in the near future. When asked about vet medicine in India, she says “We lack technology. Western medicine is equipped to handle all types of cases. Students have access to all this which in India we are lacking to a great extent. I would like to see more of this aspect developing. I also hope that in the near future we have pet blood banks established. “For the past 5 years, I have seen many veterinarians and entrepreneurs who set up vet clinics are also interested in lab and pathology. I see many entrepreneurs starting private labs as well. I am very happy to see this.” she says. She spends her free time rescuing pets and helps rehabilitate them. She herself is a proud mother of a rescued rat and indie named gundu mami and pappu-doo.

She also likes to spend her free time outdoors cycling, swimming and dancing. She also has her own YouTube page where she regularly uploads videos of the work she does as a clinical pathologist which benefits a lot of vet students. Dr. Varsha works at the Domlur hospital and spends her time in the lab, but, do say hello if you see her up and about at the hospital next time you are there.

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