Anesthesia and Pain Management

The Anesthesia and Pain Management service at Cessna Lifeline provides General Anesthesia, Opiod Analgesia, Procedural Sedation, Loco-regional Anesthesia and Epidural / Intrathecal injection along-with Pain Management consultation. Our team comprises of two certified specialists in veterinary anesthesiology and four veterinary technicians.


The primary goal of performing anesthesia is to provide a state of unconsciousness and muscle relaxation, where the pet feels no pain. This is much needed for certain surgeries, therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.
We will review the complete history of your pet. This includes medical history, vaccination records, existing health concerns, current and previous medications, onset of symptoms, diet and exercise routine. Please let us know if your pet has any allergies, reactions to medications, other illness and complications. Based on the physical examination findings and diagnostic results (from blood work, urinalysis, cytology, radiography and imaging), a customized anesthesia plan will then be developed under the direction of an anesthesiologist and the veterinarian. This plan will not only include drugs, but also the monitoring and supportive care to promote normal systems function both during and after anesthesia.
During and after the said procedures, our anesthesia team, veterinary technicians, nurses and interns will use equipment to monitor your pet’s vitals such as respiratory rate, heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure and other required parameters. Post procedures, since your pet is still in a state of unconsciousness, they will be shifted to an isolated recovery area for further monitoring.

You will observe:
› Multiple patches of clipped hair. This is done prior to performing anesthesia for attaching monitoring devices, injections and catheters.
› Bandages post procedures.

Our attending veterinarian will discuss with you timely removal of bandages, drug and medicine administration and home care and remedy.


Whether your pet is a dog or a cat, young or old, there are times when they will experience pain. Pain caused from Trauma, Physical Injuries, Wounds (bite wounds, scarring, Rupture of skin caused by metals, twigs, sharp objects, household furniture), from known diseases and conditions such Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Lameness, Post Surgical Procedures (recovery period). Keeping this in mind, we are constantly striving, updating and devising latest Pain Management strategies.
Combining traditional approach and new formulations, we tailor techniques for individual pets, best suited for them. We not only keep in mind your pets comfort but also their lifestyle, medical history and nutrition needs.

Pain Management Service includes:
› Drugs and Medications – Medicines are prescribed (Over the counter or Prescription drugs), depending your pets overall health condition, decreasing pain they are experiencing and reducing stress.
› Weight Management – Counseling for all pets right from younger years, pets with musculoskeletal conditions, for pets with Obesity.
› Nutrition Counseling – For all pets, especially adult and senior pets. Pets suffering from Arthritis, Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
› Diet and Supplement Counseling – Such as Omega-3 fatty acids, dietary recommendations on a case to case basis.
› Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Swimming, Exercise and Mobility Counseling
› Adjunct Pain Medications – For pets which cannot take standard pain control drugs or where pain medications do not control the pain.

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