Blood Bank

Just like humans, pets (dogs and cats) can suffer injuries and are prone to diseases which requires blood transfusion. Blood Bank at Cessna Lifeline specializes in collection and if necessary distribution of blood for all our inpatient, critical care (hospitalized) patients.
Common areas where Blood is required includes:
› Oncology
› Soft Tissue Surgery
› Neurology
› Cardiology
› Critical Care
› Internal Medicine
› Emergencies

We constantly engage in Mobile notifications and Social Media platforms requesting and seeking donors for cases which require Blood Transfusions. All of our veterinarians, staff, technicians are dedicated to the overall health and welfare of Companion pets.

We encourage pet parents to enroll in Blood Donor Program. For any information, please call on 76 76 365 365 or contact the reception desk and get information on Registration procedure and Eligibility Criteria.

Dogs (Canines)
Positive – Only dogs with Positive blood group can receive Positive Blood
Universal – Any dog can receive Universal Blood

Cats (Felines)
Type A – Most common blood group. Only cats with A blood group can receive Type A
Type B – Very commonly seen in pure breeds. Only Type B cats can receive Type B Blood
Type AB – AB cannot be used as donor and this blood group is very rare

For Dogs (Canines)
› Should be 25 Kgs and above
› Fully Vaccinated
› Between 1 to 7 years
› Good Health History
› Calm Temperament
› Regular De-worming
› Never received a blood transfusion
› Known travel history

For Cats (Felines)
› 4 Kg and above
› Fully Vaccinated
› Non Obese
› Between 1 to 8 years
› Good Health History
› Calm Temperament
› Regular De-worming

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.