Comprehensive Care

[ Kidney, Liver, Urinary & Gastroenterology ]

The Comprehensive Care at Cessna Lifeline offers kidney care, liver care, urological care and gastroenterology care for companion animals with related conditions. Our Specialists are board certified and have extensive training and experience in diagnosis, treatment and care. Treatment plans are specifically designed keeping your individual needs.

Speciality services include:

› Kidney (Renal) Care
› Liver (Hepatic) Care
› Urology (Urinary Tract conditions)
› Gastroenterology
› Minimal Invasive Treatments
› Hemodialysis and Apheresis
› Surgery (surgical interventions)

Commonly seen Conditions

Relatively common in dogs and cats, there is a wide range of ailments pet parents need to be aware of. These include:
› Urinary Tract Infection
› Urinary Incontinence
› Kidney Disease
› Vomiting, Diarrhea, Gastroenteritis
› Kidney Failure (Acute & Chronic)
› Liver Failure (Acute & Chronic)
› Bladder Stones (Urolithiasis)
› Urinary crystals

In-case of an EMERGENCY, Call us immediately on 76 76 365 365

› Poisoning, Toxicity, ingesting chemicals
› Hormonal imbalance
› Weak Bladder
› Trauma
› Stress
› Prostatitis (disease of the prostate)
› Cancer
› Infections
› Swelling and Inflammations
› Urinary Stones, Crystals
› Spinal cord abnormalities
› Congenital abnormalities

› Pyrexia (Fever)
› Lethargy
› Vomiting
› Weight Loss
› Anorexia (Loss of Appetite)
› Strong urine odor
› Constant licking of the genital area
› Loss of bladder control
› Increased frequency of urination
› Excess urination
› Inability to urinate
› Very small amounts of urine passed
› Soiling in uncommon places
› Straining to urinate
› Crying (pain) while urination
› Bloody urine (rare)

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