Neurology / Neuro Surgery

Welcome to the Neurology / Neurosurgery service at Cessna Lifeline. At Cessna, we are equipped with an in-house laboratory, this allows us to conduct a full range of electro-diagnostic (electromyography and electroneurography) and imaging methods such as CT Scans, MRI, Cerebral Spinal Fluid Analysis, to better understand and manage the disease.


The neurology service specializes in evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management of naturally occurring disorders of the nervous system seen in companion animals.
Just like us humans, pets can experience a wide range of nervous system conditions, some of which are:
› Seizures (Epilepsy)
› Inter-vertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
› Neoplasia (Cancer of the Nervous System)
› Idiopathic Epilepsy (seizures of unknown origin)
› Inflammation of the brain
› Lumbosacral Disease
› Fibrocartilaginous Embolism

These occur naturally (genetic predisposition/ birth defect) or is a result of an underlying condition. Commonly seen clinical signs (symptoms) include :
› Pain
› Lethargy
› Limb weakness (sometimes all four)
› Seizures (fits)
› In-coordination of the limbs
› Twitch skin Syndrome
› Self Mutilation Syndrome (inflicting wounds)
› Chewing part or parts of the body (tail, legs)
› lack of sensation in limbs (sometimes all four)


We provide comprehensive medical care and perform a complete range of neuro-surgeries on companion animals.
Intracranial neurosurgical conditions and procedures include:
› Spinal cord injury
› Epilepsy and seizure disorders
› Neuromuscular disorders
› Wobbler’s syndrome
› Inter-vertebral disc herniation
› Head trauma
› Brain and spinal cord tumors

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