Welcome to the Ophthalmology service at Cessna Lifeline. We provide routine, complex, emergency medical and advanced diagnostic services for companion animals with Ocular conditions and eye abnormalities.

Ophthalmology service at Cessna Lifeline offers a wide range of Surgical and non surgical procedures which include:
› Cataract surgery
› Excision and cryotherapy or radiation therapy for tumors of the eye and eyelids
› Blepharoplastic procedures, which involve the correction of eyelid abnormalities
› Surgical repair of prolapsed gland of the 3rd eyelid “Cherry Eye”
› Conjunctival grafting procedures for deep corneal ulcers
› Corneal transplants
› Retinopexy for retinal detachment
› Eyelid reconstructive procedures for entropion, eyelid tumors, etc.
› Glaucoma medical and surgical treatment
› Medical and surgical treatment of corneal ulceration

In-case of an EMERGENCY, Call us immediately on 76 76 365 365

Irrespective of the complaint and the present condition, all patients go through a complete physical examination. This is followed by a complete eye examination. Most of the eye condition require further diagnostic testing and procedures such as
› Tonometry Test (measuring the eyeball pressure)
› Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan
› Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan
› Electroretinography (ERG) Test
› Ultrasound

Common Conditions seen in pets include:
› Anterior Uveitis
› Blepharitis (Eye Inflammation)
› Blindness (Loss of Vision)
› Cataracts
› Cherry Eye Syndrome
› Chorioretinitis (Inflammation Disorder of Eye)
› Conjunctivitis (Inflammation of the Eye)
› Corneal Degeneration
› Corneal Ulceration
› Eyelid Tumors
› Glaucoma
› Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) (Dry eye)
› Ocular (Eye) Trauma
› Retinal Degeneration
› Retinal Dysplasia (RD)

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