Blood Donation Program

What many people don’t know is that just like humans, our dogs and cats are also able to donate blood and help save the lives of other dogs and cats in need. Similar to humans, sometimes our pets require life-saving blood transfusions. Cessna has started this initiative to provide this life-saving therapy for our patients because sometimes the difference between life and death is just minutes.


There are a number of reasons why a pet would require a transfusion, such as:


  • Acute blood loss (accident or injury)


  • Clotting disorders


  • Snake bite (Viper venom)


  • Anaemia


  • Cancer


  • Surgery


Our donor selection criteria and screening process ensure there are minimal risks for a dog donating blood. Throughout the blood donation process, our team monitors the donor’s vital signs and welfare. We are looking for more superheroes to join our family of amazing blood donors so we can continue to provide this life-saving service not only for our patients but also to the other needy pets.


If you are interested to sign up for this venture please click here. 

Blood Donation Program