‘Donate blood for a reason, let that reason to be life’

We have all heard of and seen so many initiatives being taken for blood donation for blood banks across the board. All of these goes for emergencies or a requirement among human cases. However, with animals, there is no such provision, yet.

At Cessna, we value every pet’s life that comes to us for treatment. We strive to do our best to ensure the pet’s well-being. In some cases, thanks to the able hands of our highly qualified veterinarians, we are able to see a pet through to full recovery. In some cases, we at Cessna rely on others to come forward and help us. Such is the case with blood donation. Since there is no facility such as a pet blood bank that is housed anywhere in the city or the country for that matter, we often tend to make SOS calls to those we know and see if their pets can donate blood for emergency cases. This is not ideal on a regular basis, where we do tend to have more-than-often emergencies where blood is required for treatment of the pet.

This is where Cessna, had decided to come up with an initiative to create a community of people who may come forward, if and when there is an emergency. This is still not the level we would like it to be, but this is a start. A one-of-a-kind start as far as pets are concerned. 

The Cessna blood donation program is something that is close to our founder Dr. Pawan’s heart who believe every pet deserves as good a chance to best treatment and recovery just as human beings do. This program aims to create a steady supply of blood, when required. By being a part of this initiative, you are taking a step in compassion towards animals – the belief on which Cessna was built and continues to reflect in every way it can.
To those of you who are interested, we request you to register and be a part of this program that helps save lives.
How it works:

Client registers for blood donation: If this is something you would like to be a part of, then first step in the process is to register. This happens once you have reviewed whether your pet meets the prerequisites for donating blood. These prerequisites are:

  • Pets between the age group 1 to 8 years old.
  • Weighing above 25kgs (dogs) and 4 kgs (cats)
  • Healthy and Fit
  • Good Temperament
  • Vaccinated
  • Free from infectious disease
  • Never travelled abroad


  • Call from Cessna: When there is an emergency, you will receive a call from Cessna asking if you would be available to bring your pet to the clinic for blood donation. If you are available and your pet can donate, you would be required to come to the hospital. 


  • Physical examination of the pet: One of our qualified vets will do a complete history and physical examination to ensure the pet qualifies for the next step in blood donation.


  • Blood test conducted: Once the physical examination is completed, and pet can process to next step, a blood test will be conducted in order to ensure vitals are normal before blood donation. This is a compulsory step for blood donation to ensure the pet’s health is in good condition. A small sample of blood will be taken aseptically from the neck area. The tests will be run in the lab immediately to assess whether the pet is qualified to donate blood.


  • Blood donation process: Once the tests come back and deemed normal, the pet can move towards donating blood. At this point, aseptically, the blood will be drawn from the jugular area of the pet as required.


  • Post blood donation checkup: There will be a quick checkup done by the vet for your pet, before allowing you take the pet back home. 


We have had many pets come in and donate blood when there is a need and can say with assurance, this is a safe and simple procedure and you need not worry. Your pet is in good hands at Cessna! 


If you are interested in registering, click on the below link and provide us with the necessary information.


We thank you for taking the time out to understand the blood donation initiative that Cessna is undertaking. We hope you will be able to register and help save lives.