Ways to Give initiative from Cessna Lifeline



A life not lived for others is not a life’ - Mother Teresa


This noble thought is based on the concept of ‘caffè sospeso’ (Italian for suspended coffee) or ‘pending coffee’ is a cup of coffee paid for in advance as an anonymous act of charity.


At Cessna, we are giving two options to help a needy pet. 1) After visiting Cessna with your pet, you decide to help someone; then you can contribute to our ‘Ways to give’ account. 2) You are submitting the ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) form to help a needy pet in future. Those will be categorized under Registered donor clients.


How to fund this project?


You can make a one-time lump sum contribution. If not, you can also make a monthly/quarterly/annual contribution through RTGS transfer.


How it works?


When a needy pet (rescued pet, stray pet injured and infected, a pet-parent from a low socio-economic stratum who cannot afford the cost of treatment etc.) is visiting Cessna, we do a preliminary check to ascertain that this case is legitimate. Once identified as a genuine case, Cessna may use the amount in our ‘Ways to Give’ account and if the account is under nil or zero balance, a communication will be sent out to all the clients who have shown EOI/ the registered donors.


When we get the potential donor, we send the details of the pet and the tentative cost of treatment (Cessna offers a special subsidized rate to those treatment). Either, they can provide the financial aid completely or can pay a partial amount. Cessna will continue the treatment and during this procedure a daily update will be given to the donor through sms or call. This will be continued until the outcome is obtained.


N.B: We sincerely thank all the kind souls who helped us directly or indirectly to make this program happen.


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