Pet care during Diwali

Diwali can be a stressful time for your pets and stray animals with loud noise and flickering lights. This year let's celebrate Diwali in a responsible manner.

Here is what we can do:-

During Diwali, it is common for pets to get frightened from fireworks and noise. The sad part is that sometimes we don’t even care to give a thought to their suffering. However, it is important to understand that dogs and cats have stronger hearing power.

So what we perceive to be loud is even louder and unbearable for the pets. In addition dogs are also sensitive to vibrations caused by loud noises. Therefore, one needs to take extra care of pets during Diwali season.

The fear of loud noises in pets leads to behavioral problems such as destructive or escaping behavior. Even pets that don’t have any traumatic experience with noise can develop such problems.

Sudden changes in the surroundings with such loud noise and fireworks push them to a stressed and confused state. The possible signs of stress include whining, fear, and loss of appetite, salivation and defecation inside the house. You may also have observed that many dogs even try to escape and that is the reason you will notice most numbers of dogs and cats go missing during this festival season.
Whenever the fireworks are around, we should keep our pets indoors.

We should be careful that we don’t throw burnt crackers near animals. This is likely to damage their paw as they may carelessly step on it. Give time to your pets and stray animals too because your time will save their life. Keep the windows shut and curtains drawn to mask sounds and flashes from fireworks. You can buy ear muffs too for your pet animals. Keep your pet distracted by playing with him or giving him his favorite treats. 

Ensure that your pets are wearing collars and identification tags around their necks with the owner’s contact information. And most importantly have a happy and safe Diwali and avoid bursting crackers.