Dr. Akshata Ubale



Dr. Akshata Ubale - Doctor, Cessna Lifeline Veterinary Hospital, Domlur – Bengaluru
M.V. Sc with specialization in Internal Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging
“When I was around 8 or 9 years old, I was introduced to a James Herriot DVD which was based on his books. It was then that I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian.” James Herriot was a renowned British veterinarian.
This is Dr. Akshata Ubale, who completed her B.V. Sc in 2013 and M.V. Sc in 2015 from Bombay Veterinary College.
“Growing up, I was always surrounded by large animals, and I knew I wanted to work with animals, I just didn’t know in what capacity until I grew a little older and realized veterinary sciences was an option after having seen James Herriot on DVD” she says.
Soon after completing her masters, she went on to work with a private clinic in Mumbai, where she had interned previously. She joined Cessna Lifeline in July 2020 where she has worked in the OPD shadowing Dr. Barathan for a while and continues to work in the OPD itself.
Dr. Akshata says that working in Cessna Lifeline has been a very different experience for her. “I had never worked at a large hospital like this before and I like how there is a clear division of roles here. It allows for all of us to hone our skills in the specific areas that we would want to pursue. You are not expected to be a jack of all trades and Cessna Lifeline encourages that level of expertise, which I really appreciate.”
Dr. Akshata hopes to see more collaborations between small town clinics and bigger metropolitan veterinary hospitals to be able to optimally utilize the skill sets and resources and help grow the field.
Dr. Akshata likes cycling and cycles every day to work. She is also a certified scuba\rescue diver and would like to do more of it during her time off.
You can interact with Dr. Akshata at our Domlur, Bengaluru branch and get to know her better!
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