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Geriatric Health Care 1 Year Plan

What is a Health Plan?

Our Health Plans make your pet's preventative health care simple, understandable and part of a routine. They reduce the potential for missed treatments and ensures your pet is as well protected as possible against the most common preventable conditions.

Do I need a Health Plan as well as insurance?

Yes, you need both. You can think of it like this: Health Plans, like Complete Care, cover all the planned, preventative healthcare needs of your dog, while pet insurance is there to cover the unforeseen events in their life.

Helping you to help your pet

Save on the cost of your pet’s routine healthcare with the Pet Health Plans. We’ll even remind you when it’s time for their appointment and when their treatments are due, so they never miss out. Keep your pet healthy and happy
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Package validity 1 year
Comprehensive Physical Examination 6
Vaccinations dhppi+corona 1
Anti-Rabies Vaccination 1
Kennal cough vaccination 1
De-worming 4
Flea Treatment 4

Every Grooming Session

  • Bath
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Cutting
  • Eye Cleaning
  • Anal sac cleaning
20% discount
Swimming or Hydrotherapy 3
Fitness Consultation (Diet + Exercise) physiotherapist 1
Online Consultation 2
Basic Metabolic Profile (cbc, liver, kedney) 2
Urine Analysis 2
Neutering/Spaying , dental scaling and preventive procedures 25%
Medicine Discount 5.00%
Food Product Discount 5.00%
Toy n Accessorires Discount 10.00%
Pet Insurance 20%
feacal examination 1
Total (non discounted price) 13861
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