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Smart puppy Male/Female

Wellness Packages are for all ages and life stages 

Wellness package are designed for different needs and life stages for meeting the essential pet services like vaccination , preventive checks and routine health care 


Puppy wellness plan are customised to provide the best start to life. The plan includes preventive health services like vaccinations, deworming and other necessary preventive health services that your pet needs.


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Package validity 1 Year
Wellness /Sick Visit  4
Virtual chat with Information Centre Unlimited
Vaccination Core (DHPPI+Corona) 3
Rabies first vaccination 1
Rabies second vaccination  1
Kennel Cough Vaccination 1
Deworming 6
Tick/Flea Treatment 2
Basic Grooming Session - How to bath puppy 1
Swimming 2
Fecal Testing 1
Teleconsultation /Online Consultation  2
Hip X-ray (3 or 6 months)  2
Health and Fitness Certificate Unlimited
Basic Blood Test  1
CBC  1
Dog Food and Medicine Discount  10%
Toys and Accessories  15%
Nutrition/Diet Consult with prior appointment
Neutering (Male) Or Spaying (Female) (without laparoscopy) 1
Hip Dysplasia ( Any elective or non elective surgery)


Eligibility Of Pets For This Plan.

Small breed (upto 10 kg body weight)
Upto 8 months
Medium Breed (11-20 kg body weight)
Upto 12 months
Large Breed (21-40 kg body weight)
Upto 15 months
Medium Breed (40 kg and above body weight)
Upto 24 months



Frequently Asked Questions :

What is a wellness plan?

Wellness plans include essential preventive services pet need, wellness packages are designed for different needs , life-stage right from puppy to senior pet.

Why is a wellness plan needed for a puppy or kitten?

Wellness plans are curated to provide routinely recommended health care including vaccinations, deworming and diagnostic tests, and spay or neuter in our special plan. This is the right stage to have your pet set for a long and healthy life ahead.

My pet is healthy , does he still need a wellness plan?

Regulars and ongoing preventive health is important for healthy pets so that the diagnostics and other routine procedures can be taken care to avoid them becoming serious concerns if left unattended. Your healthy pet needs to keep healthy thus wellness plans are a must for them too.

How are wellness plans different from insurance?

Insurance plans are taken to avail any of the unseen event /injury, but pet wellness plans cover routine wellness services for your pet including vaccination, wellness visit,deworming etc. An additional discount on the medicines and pet store at Cessna Lifeline Vet Hospital. Insurance deducts some amount and pays the rest for specific illnesses , but in a wellness plan you pay a lump sum for services that are provided at discounted prices with other attached benefits.

How can I buy the wellness package?

You can place order on our webpage – Cessna Lifeline Veterinary Hospital, our staff will get in touch with you after that to guide the entire process.

Do I have to pay for any additional services with the wellness plan?

Yes, in case you opt for services additional to one’s mentioned in your wellness plan , you will have to pay for the same.

Can I cancel the plan anytime after I buy it?

You may , but your pet would have availed the services under the plan which will be considered under normal prices and rest balance if any with us will be refunded.

If my pet dies during the period do I get the money reimbursed?

We would advise you to get in touch with our team to get the best solution in this unfortunate event.
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